Office cleaning

Good office cleaning can contribute to reduce allergy problems and generate a more motivated and willing staff. It is also important that your customers experience their visit to your office as positive. We offer daily office cleaning which can include everything from cleaning the office space to put away dishes.

Floor maintenance

There are a lot of different types of floors, for example; rubber, plastic or wooden floors. We help you regardless of your type of floor, if you want a spotless and clean floor in your office we are here to help.

Carpet cleaning

We offer all kinds of carpet cleaning. We handle all types of carpets and ensure that they are washed and returned in a clean condition.

Move-out cleaning

Are you moving? We offer our help by cleaning your old facilities and handling everything that comes with. We guarantee that you will leave nice and clean facilities behind.

Window cleaning

We offer professional window cleaning regardless of the size of the office and windowpane. Everything from a single window to multiple windows. When spring is approaching clean windows are important to reflect the light and provide a bright and healthy working environment in the office. We guarantee a clean and nice result.

Major cleaning

Once in a while you might need a major cleaning at the office. We are always available to help with the cleaning, for example after a big conference or event.