Work with us

Your efforts and your contributions to the company’s development is the foundation of our success. Let us explain how.

Being a big company with the spirit of a small family business is important to Fullmax. We are a company where we care about each other, where wellbeing and commitment are in focus. At the same time we can offer the possibilities of a large company regarding competence and career development. 

As a coworker at Fullmax you are working in an organization where the employees are the most important resource of the company. It is our employees that built the corporate group we are today. You will quickly learn that your coworkers share your enthusiasm for our company and that your ideas will be welcomed. Constant process is one of the cores in our corporate culture, where the customers dynamic needs always stand in focus.

Closeness to the coworker
Closeness to the employee is a key element of Fullmax. For us, proximity to the employee also means that he or she knows and complies with the company motto: kindness, friendliness and service.

Proximity to the employee also means a visible and present leadership, creating participation, commitment and a team spirit among employees. In this way we also create insight into what Fullmax stand for, and our role in relation to clients, patients and families, and the society as such.

We believe that success is a combination of teamwork and independent work. Therefore, the closeness and solidarity between colleagues are important success factors.

A developing workplace
Fullmax strives to be a stimulating workplace where you, as an employee, are constantly evolving, both in terms of new duties and responsibilities. All employees have regular performance reviews with their immediate manager, which jointly discuss the employee’s need for skills development, both internally and externally.

Fullmax provides continuous training for employees, within the framework of an education unit that operates in-house, with both external and internal trainers.

Appreciation, comfort and wellbeing 
To get appreciated for the work you do is important for your health and well-being at work. Fullmax wishes to help you increase your abilities so that you can reach your full potential.

We believe the social togetherness is important for the comfort at the workplace and therefore we arrange everything from joint concert visits to summer parties, field trips and Christmas parties. These social activities are much appreciated. Even in everyday life we make sure to find time for socializing.

We want you to feel good and therefor we offer our coworkers a better opportunity to keep in shape by our wellness allowance.