About Us

Fullmax is a skilled cleaning company that offers cleaning services of high quality to companies and private sectors. Together with each client, we tailor an optimal solution to meet current service needs and at the right price.

Fullmax has a professional range of high cleaning services for easy as well as rough cleaning. We strive to give our clients extra, which we believe is the key to satisfied customers. If interested, please request a quote. We undertake assignments throughout the whole county.

Our clients are companies and individuals. The company possesses an F-tax form. As our customer, you have a personal contact. We always start with a home visit when you are looking to hire us continuously.


Every new employee undergoes basic training in cleaning and an established induction program for cleaning equipment, methods, rules, regulations etc. We use modern and ergonomic ways of work, cleaning tools and equipment. Proper cleaning methods and work technique is the basis of our rules.