Terms & Conditions

  • 1) Fullmax will carry out the work according to the agreed dates & times. Fullmax will perform the services according to the cleaning described in Appendix 1.
  • 2) The Customer shall provide the cleaning materials required for the service to be performed in the manner described in Appendix 1. In cases the supplier do not provides labor supplies the cost will be added on the invoice.
  • 3) The customer is invoiced monthly, currently on the 20th of each month. Payment must then be made within ten (30) days of the invoice issue date. Interest Act (1975:635) rules apply for late payment.
  • 4) Fullmax guarantees that we hold both F tax liability which (including commissioned service).
  • 5) In case the service is not in accordance with what is agreed, Fullmax will be given the opportunity to remedy the defect.
  • 6) The customer shall pay to the Fullmax half the cost of labor, or more if the customer is approaching or has exceeded a tax credit of 50 000SEK. The remaining half will be paid by Swedish tax board.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to give Fullmax information on how much of the tax credit the customer has used for house work during the year. In case Fullmax is no paid the remaining fifty percent from the tax board, the customer will be charged by Fullmax corresponding amount, including 99SEK for administrative costs.
  • 7) This Agreement also includes an appendix, Appendix 1 – cleaning description.