Cleaning Tricks & Info

Cleaning is something that so many of us think is incredibly boring and yet necessary. But cleaning doesn’t need to be a burden, if you know how to clean efficiently and have the right equipment, cleaning nowadays be accomplished fairly quickly. Here are some cleaning tricks that will make your work easier.

No matter what you clean apartment, storage room, garage there are some cleaning tricks that can be especially helpful to have at hand. Remember ”Fullmax 5 point system” for cleaning, you can also do a good deed and possibly make some money on cleaning;

  • 1. Sort

    Archiving and marking things you’ll save, for example, documents and bank papers.

  • 2. Save

    This includes items with high sentimental value as well as papers that you need to save. Even the things that you use regularly.

  • 3. Throw

    Things that are not whole, or just saved to be used again might be discarded. Clothes you have not used in a year that you will not use again!

  • 4. Ladle

    All clothing that will not be used and old furniture can be given away, either to friends and acquaintances or any helpful organization.

  • 5. Sell

    Things that you think might make a little money, try selling through for example eBay. If no one is interested in buying try donating items instead.

Panic cleaning?

  • Are you expecting guests? 15-20 minutes is enough to make your home reasonably presentable.
  • Start in the hall. Clean up so that guests have a place to hang their clothes.
  • Continue cleaning the bathroom – quickly dry the sinks, flush and clearing away the worst. Hang a fresh guest towels.
  • Close the doors to all bedrooms.
  • Bring more paper or plastic bags and make your way through the living room. Collect all the gadgets lying around. Set the bags behind the couch. Vacuum the visible parts of the floor if needed.
  • Light the candles, dim the lights and turn on the music on the stereo.


Divide the cleaning in two days so it doesn’t feel as overwhelming. Clean the bathroom and dust of on the first day and take vacuuming and cleaning the rest on the second day.

Get fancy baskets and drawers for storage. It is much easier to clean and look less untidy if all small items are compiled. In the bathroom, you can have a basket for all things for hair care. The living room is recommended a basket of all the newspapers and in the bedroom a laundry basket of dirty laundry. The hall is often a mess, try to put capacious storage bins and lockers for coats and shoes .

Have a doormat in the hallway, and preferably also a runner to collect as much dirt from the outside as possible. By stopping the dirt in the hall you will make the cleaning easier.

Buy microfiber cloths for the whole home. Choose different colors, such as yellow for the bathroom, blue for the kitchen and the red for the rest of the home. Mix them, clean up every room with his cloth.

Make a cleaning schedule

The point is that if you always clean up the same way, it is easier and faster. You do not have to think about ”and what should I do now? ’. How can a weekly cleaning schedule look like?

  • Open all windows and ventilate (depending on season and weather conditions).
  • Go through all the rooms you should clean and put away gadgets. Lift up the chairs and other small furniture.
  • Start with the bathroom, scrubbing the sink, tub and toilet, wash everything with shower, use a scraper to tile and floor. Bring a towel that you still should wash and dry the tub, mirror, sink, faucets and toilets.
  • Dust in all rooms, wipe all blank surfaces with a damp cloth.
  • Vacuum or dry mop the floors.
  • Wipe the floor with a damp cloth or mop.