Lita på oss när det gäller flyttstädning!Final cleaning services

  • Satisfaction guarantee on all final cleaning services!
  • Liability ensurance
  • Several years of experience
  • The market’s lowest price.
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • The newly arrived tenant makes final approval
  • No billing fee
  • No hidden charges

Trust us when it comes to final cleaning. We want our customers to feel confident in their choice of cleaning company and therefore we offer all customers 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all final cleaning services. The warranty on final cleaning service means that if for any reason you are not satisfied with any of our cleaning services, we will return and fix the problem within 48 hours. We are not satisfied until you are! If you book your final cleaning through your broker, you also get a nice price offering. For English call: 08-684 38 600

Why choose Fullmax?

  • Liability insurance
  • Always the same cleaner
  • No cancellation fee
  • Several years of experience
  • No set-up cost
  • No invoice fee
  • VAT registered
  • No binding period
  • No hidden fees
  • F-tax certificate
  • The market’s lowest price (35 kr/m2) after Rut-deduction inclusive VAT.

Vardagar                35kr/kvm

Helger                     39kr/kvm

Röd dag                  49kr/kvm

Minimal charge everyday            1700 kr/bostad

Minimal charge weekend            2200kr/bostad

Minimal charge holiday              2500kr/bostad



The price is the total price including VAT, window cleaner, cleaning supplies and travel costs.

Important information

Final cleaning warranty:
We offer a warranty on the cleaning, 3 days from the cleaning day. Inquiries received after 3 days are not valid. Finare Hemma can guarantee the quality of service provided if electricity and water are available on cleaning day. During cleaning the apartment/home should be empty.

The price includes equipment and travel. Payment by invoice sent via email after the cleaning day. We do not accept cash payments due to the new cash register law. Minimum charge for stay cleaning is 3.400SEK (after deducting 1700SEK). Send us an application for booking of final cleaning, we will get back to you with a confirmation.

Issues with final cleaning?
You are welcome to contact our customer service with any questions. Phone number 08- 684 38 600. Opening hours 8-16 on weekdays.

Warranty on our services
You will receive the highest service standards, supported by a friendly, professional and qualified staff group. We are injury-insured up to 100% and also customer satisfaction guarantee even on our general cleaning.

Cleaning for all rooms

  • Cleaning joinery
  • Cleaning of and behind the radiators
  • Wet wiping of floors
  • Wipe of interior doors
  • Wipe of cupboards and wardrobes
  • Wipe off electrical outlets and switches
  • Cleaning the walls and ceiling of dust

Cleaning for kitchen

  • Stove
  • Oven
  • Top and bottom, sides and wall
  • Hot Plates, even hotplate edges
  • Cooker hood, hood and filters
  • Oven and hot box
  • Plates and grill sink cabinet walls and floors
  • Wipe cabinets, inside and outside
  • Cleaning of tile and spice rack
  • Wiping the sink, sink and cutting board
  • Cleaning floor other kitchen
  • Clean the fridge / freezer inside, outside if possible
  • Cleaning joinery
  • Cleaning of and behind the radiators
  • Wet wiping of floors
  • Wipe of interior doors
  • Wipe of cupboards and wardrobes
  • Wipe off electrical outlets and switches
  • Cleaning the walls and ceiling of dust. NOTE! Defrosting the freezer must be done by the customer

Cleaning of bathroom and toilet

  • Toilet seat and sink
  • Cleaning the inside and outside of toilet
  • Cleaning the top and bottom of the basin
  • Wiping tubes
  • Cleaning bathtubs and tub front, and under bath
  • Cleaning floor
  • Cleanup floor drain
  • Cleaning of tile walls
  • Cleaning of washing machine

Cleaning of Windows

  • Cleaning of windows, all pages, 4 sides
  • Cleaning of window
  • Wipe off the window sills
  • Windows that can not be opened are not washed between, only the inside and outside is cleaned
  • Inside trimmed only if window is not possible to open

Cleaning for Laundries

  • Cleaning of the radiators
  • Cleaning the washer / dryer, inside and out
  • Cleaning the floors, baseboards, moldings and door sections
  • Cleaning the floor drain (not inside)