Home cleaning

Surprise yourself with our excellent service and low prices! Fullmax offers exactly the same quality at home cleaning as our more expensive competitors and also with very nice customer conditions.

Why choose Fullmax?

  • Liability insurance
  • Always the same cleaner
  • No cancellation fee
  • Several years of experience
  • No set-up cost
  • No invoice fee
  • VAT registered
  • No binding period
  • No hidden fees
  • F-tax certificate
Monday – tuesday                    168Kr  request an offer
Wednesday 168Kr  request an offer
Thursday – Friday 178Kr  request an offer
once a month 220kr/tim
occasional cleaning 249kr/tim
Less than three hours 220kr/tim


We guarantee great work

Sample cleaning (first cleaning):

A test cleaning is your first house cleaning with Fullmax. We want to make sure you are well informed of how this is done so lets start with the most important part:

Sample cleaning is NOT mandatory for any house cleaning service with Fullmax.
Remember to always have the materials at home on our arrival - the list of items is listed in the bottom of this page.

As a client your home is well know to you, try to tell us what is the important task that should be attended. As well as we expect a job description and priority list or just simple instructions so that we get prepared before our maid starts for the first time.

You can buy your house cleaning items directly from us either as subscription customer with regular scheduled
cleaning or customer purchasing our services occasionally without any subscription. You decide
what suits you. If you would like us to schedule your cleaning, you can choose between
every week, every two weeks or four. The minimum duration of an assignment is 2 hours / session.

How we work:

At first we arrive with one or teo cleaners and then go throughout job description and what has to be done, that usually takes no more than 15 -30 minutes.

After this the cleaning commence - that means that we'll start working immediately.

When we're done you get to inspect our job. You are not obligated to make your decision directly, take your time.
The vast majority of customers are very happy with our services - and if this is the case let us know about it by dropping a short line via e-mail.

In case you are not satisfied, state the reason and we will try to fix it as soon as possible. The fee for first time cleaning have to be paid in any case.